4 and 5 must
check their eyes

We promote the moto “4 and 5 must check their eyes” as these are crucial ages to detect a lazy eye. Should a lazy eye go undetected, after 7yrs old it cannot be corrected.
At Mullingar Opticians we love to see your little ones coming for an eye exam it is so important to have a pre school exam, we will happily examine all children from 4 years old.
A lazy eye does not always present with a turn so without an eye exam it can easily go undetected. Children under 4 will need to be seen by an ophthalmologist via their GP at the children’s eye clinic.

Book an exam today!

We make the eye test easy and fun and we are fully equipped to test pre school children who may not know their letters just yet.

Should a correction be required we have a wonderful selection of fun hard wearing junior frames.
Among a vast choice we stock the award winning wonderful Tomato frames expertly designed with babies and children in mind.
They are comfortable, colorful, practical and easily adjustable.

Childrens exams are just €25