Dual Glasses Case

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Dual Compartment Glasses Case

As eyewear aficionados understand, protecting your precious accessories is crucial. OptiWear steps up with the Dual Glasses Case, an intelligent solution providing ultimate defense for two pairs of glasses at once.

This case comes loaded with two compartments, each constructed with a sturdy exterior and soft interior lining. This careful design guarantees your lenses remain unblemished and frames intact, regardless of external pressures encountered during daily use or travel. Be it your reading glasses, sunglasses, or esteemed designer frames – this case holds them securely.

Featuring a chic black exterior and discreet OptiWear branding, the Dual Glasses Case embodies practical beauty. The compact shape fits comfortably in handbags, backpacks, or car compartments, making it a preferred option for those always on the go.

The magnetic closure ensures a secure shut while granting easy access to your glasses. This case is perfect for modern eye gear enthusiasts who value both style and protection.

Key benefits and features include:

  • Double Security: Houses two pairs of glasses in separate compartments.
  • Sturdy Exterior: Protects against falls and external pressures.
  • Gentle Interior Lining: Keeps lenses scratch-free.
  • Magnetic Lock: Offers secure closure and quick access.
  • Compact and Classy Design: Combines practicality and style in one trendy accessory.
  • Quality Assurance: Embodies OptiWear’s commitment to delivering superior products.

OptiWear’s Dual Glasses Case is more than a tool, it’s an investment towards enhancing the longevity and maintaining the pristine quality of your glasses. With easy access, exceptional protection, and fine aesthetics, it’s an essential accessory for every glasses owner. Protect your vision and your eyewear with OptiWear’s Dual Glasses Case.


Property Value
Material Hard-shell exterior, soft interior lining
Colour Black
Brand OptiWear
Size Compact
Closure type Magnetic
Number of compartments 2