Glasses chain silver coffee bean (SC)

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Introducing the Glasses Chain Silver Coffee Bean (SC), a modern accessory from Optiwear designed especially for the fashion-forward spectacle wearer. Brewed with a hint of contemporary style, this piece marries practicality and elegance in a delightful harmony. Reflecting their commitment to quality, Optiwear brings this versatile and multi-faceted accessory from their distinguished range.

Made from premium-grade materials, the glasses chain features a series of silver coffee bean-shaped links that give off a subtle iridescent gleam. Each silver coffee bean link has been meticulously shaped and polished to bring out its absolute luster and beauty. Their silver hue adds to the chain’s versatile nature, ensuring it pairs well with almost every color and style of glasses.

The SC chain spans an optimal length, making it ideal for everyone irrespective of their physique. This intentional design ensures that your spectacles hang comfortably around your neck when not in use. The chain ends are fitted with a universal connector, rendering the chain compatible with different types of frames. Durable and robust, this accessory promises longevity and enduring elegance.

Please refer to the table below for explicit specifications of the Glasses Chain Silver Coffee Bean (SC).


Specifications Details
Product Type Glasses Chain
Model Silver Coffee Bean (SC)
Material Premium-grade Silver
Design Coffee Bean-shaped links
Length Universal (One size fits all)
Attachment Universal connector
Colour Silver


Optiwear’s Glasses Chain Silver Coffee Bean (SC) is a fashionable and effective solution to keeping your eyewear safe and secure without sacrificing style. Whether you’re an avid reader, a cherished elder, or a style maverick, this chic accessory will keep your spectacles within reach and add a dash of glamour to your everyday ensemble. Enjoy life through stylish lenses with Optiwear.