Glasses chain sun moon and stars


The Glasses Chain Sun Moon and Stars from Optiwear is a beautiful piece of eyewear accessory that embodies elegance and functionality in a singular design. Created with careful attention to detail, it combines the elements of artistic expression and practical application perfectly.

The chain has a lustrous silver tone that harmonises well with a variety of glasses. Shimmering along its length, you’ll find delightful motifs of sun, moon, and stars that lend the chain an enchanting aura. These charms are not merely aesthetically pleasing but serve a dual purpose by adding a stabilizing weight to the chain that holds your glasses in place.

The glasses chain measures approximately 70 cm in length, providing ample flexibility for all users to wear their glasses comfortably. The chain clips are lined with silicone that promise a secure grip without damaging your frames, proving that we are considerate aesthetes who care about the longevity of your glasses.

The sun, moon, and stars charm elements have both a polished and matt finish. This gives a surreal effect as they catch the light uniquely when you’re moving. Every component of this glasses chain, from the high-quality metal used for the chain links to the resilient charms, promises durability and longevity.

Here is an HTML table of specifications:


Material Metal
Color Silver
Chain Length Approximately 70 cm
Charms Sun, Moon and Stars
Clips Silicone-lined


Optiwear’s Glasses Chain Sun Moon and Stars is not just an accessory. It is an embodiment of our passion – to combine style with comfort while delivering a quality product. Whether you’re reading a book, busy at work, or out for a stroll, this chain will ensure that your glasses are never far from reach.