Large Microfibre lens cleaning cloth

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30cm x30cm

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Introducing Optiwear’s Large Microfibre Lens Cleaning Cloth, manufactured exclusively for the ultimate lens care experience. Designed to meet the highest standards in lens cleaning, this premium quality cloth provides an efficient, scratch-free cleaning solution for your glasses, sunglasses, camera lenses, smartphones, tablets, and other delicate surfaces.

Measuring a generous 30cm x 30cm, this large microfibre cloth ensures a firm grip and broad coverage for cleaning. Its fine microfiber strands are specially devised to attract dirt, dust, and fingerprints, trapping them within the fibers and preventing them from re-depositing back onto your lenses. Hence, it brings luminous, smudge-free clarity with every wipe, progressively reducing the need for liquid cleansers.

Every Optiwear Large Microfibre Lens Cleaning Cloth is made with a thick high-density weave, making it more durable and long-lasting compared to regular cleaning cloths. Its lint-free material ensures no residue is left behind after cleaning. Moreover, its lightweight and flexible design make it easy to store in your glasses case or camera bag, always ready for use.

This large microfibre lens cleaning cloth is machine washable and reusable, making it highly economical and ecologically friendly. Please note, to maintain the effectiveness of this cleaning cloth, avoid using fabric softeners or bleach during washing as it may hamper its microfiber’s dirt attraction and retention abilities.

Experience the difference today with Optiwear’s Large Microfibre Lens Cleaning Cloth – Your everyday partner for pristine, clear lenses.

Specifications Details
Dimensions 30cm x 30cm
Material High-density Microfiber
Color Variable
Washes Machine Washable (No fabric softeners or bleach)
Application Glasses, Sunglasses, Camera Lenses, Smartphones, Tablets, and other delicate surfaces