Maui Jim Dragon’s Teeth


Frame:                        Grey Stripe

Lens:                           Neutral Grey

Lens Material:       SuperThin Glass

Code:                         811-11D

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Maui Jim

Maui Jim Dragon’s Teeth Sunglasses

Embrace the extraordinary with Maui Jim Dragon’s Teeth, a pair of extraordinary designer sunglasses from the revolutionary brand renowned for quality and style. The perfect accessory for summer outings, these sunglasses combine the right blend of fashion-forward design, superior materials, and optical technology to offer the utmost eye protection along with elevated aesthetics.

The Dragon’s Teeth sunglasses’ novel design has its roots in the brand’s Hawaiian heritage–named after the unique rock formation off the coast of Maui known as Dragon’s teeth. The sunglasses mimic this natural phenomenon’s distinctive look, characterized by rugged and edgy outlines. Their avant-garde form makes them an instant crowd-pleaser, known to turn heads and draw admiring glances.

Quality remains at the forefront of Maui Jim designs, and the Dragon’s Teeth collection is no exception. Crafted with the highest quality materials, these sunglasses boast extreme durability and comfort. Their lightweight frame ensures a snug fit that can withstand a strenuous day-long beach or hiking, and the world-class PolarizedPlus2® lens technology ensures unparalleled clarity while shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays and glare.

Your sunglasses are nothing short of an investment in style and eye health and with the Maui Jim Dragon’s Teeth, you get only the best.


Specifications Description
Lens Material PolarizedPlus2® lenses
Frame Material High-quality, lightweight material
Eye Protection Blocks 100%UV(UVA & UVB)
Design & Style Hawaiian inspired; rugged, edgy design
Comfort & Fit Lightweight, comfortable for all-day use