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Introducing our all-inclusive Mild Dry Eye Care Pack, the perfect remedy for your dry eye symptoms. Manufactured with premium-quality ingredients, this pack provides gentle, effective relief for mild dry eye discomfort. The Mild Dry Eye Care Pack is intricately designed to sufficiently hydrate and soothe inflamed, irritated eyes, ensuring ultimate relief while also enhancing your eye health.

This comprehensive pack includes an advanced formulation of Lubricating Eye Drops, formulated with Hyaluronic acid for prolonged hydration, a moisture-retentive Eyelid Wipes aiming at cleansing and hydrating your eyelids while also preventing tear evaporation, and a Warm Eye Compress, designed to offer a soothing warmth to your eyes, enabling the release of essential oils beneficial for the tear film.

The Mild Dry Eye Care Pack proposes not only immediate relief but also a long-term solution to dry eyes. Each component in the pack has been thoughtfully selected to work in harmony with one another, maximizing relief while minimizing eye discomfort.

Our mild dry eye relief is free from harsh chemicals, preservatives, and irritants, ensuring that it’s gentle on sensitive eyes. It is also perfect for contact lens wearers, providing a comfortable and refreshing experience. Now, you can consciously protect and take care of your eyes without any side effects.

Pack Includes Lubricating Eye Drops, Moisture-retentive Eyelid Wipes, Warm Eye Compress
Active Ingredients Hyaluronic Acid
Free from Harsh chemicals, preservatives, and irritants
Suitable for Contact lens wearers & sensitive eyes
Benefits Hydrates, soothes, prevents tear evaporation, no side effects

Experience the best of eye care with Optiwear’s Mild Dry Eye Care Pack that guarantees optimal relief for mild dry eyes, leaves your eyes refreshed and hydrated, enhances your eye health, and promotes effective long-term eye care. Choose Optiwear, prioritise your vision.