Severe Dry Eye Care Pack



Eye Mask

Hylo Forte

VitA- POS night ointment

Optase Omega Vision – one months supply

Introducing our newest offering, the Severe Dry Eye Care Pack, curated specifically for individuals suffering from severe dry eye syndrome. This all-in-one care solution pack is designed to provide necessary relief and restore comfort. All components included in the pack are carefully selected to address multiple problems associated with dryness.

The Severe Dry Eye Care Pack includes a selection of effective remedies such as hydrating eye drops, lubricating ointments, an eye mask, and Omega-3 supplements. These items work in harmony to provide the required relief from symptoms such as irritation, redness, discomfort, and blurry vision.

The hydrating eye drops included in this pack are made of high-grade ingredients and are scientifically proven to provide fast relief from dry eyes. These contain powerful hydrating agents that retain moisture for an extended period, thereby reducing dryness and irritation.

The included lubricating ointments are formulated especially for night use, providing optimum lubrication while you sleep. They have a smooth texture and provide sustained relief from dryness or discomfort over multiple hours.

The thermal eye mask is reusable and has a unique self-heating feature that helps stimulate tear production and natural hydration. It can also reduce puffiness around the eyes.

We’ve also included Omega-3 supplements in our dry eye care pack. These are packed with essential fatty acids that significantly enhance your eyes’ natural lubrication system, promoting healthier tear production and overall eye health.

With your purchase of this comprehensive eye care pack, say goodbye to the distress caused by severe dry eyes and welcome a new level of comfort.


Product Name Description Quantity
Hydrating Eye Drops High-grade ingredients, provides quick relief. 1 bottle
Lubricating Ointment Night-use, provides prolonged relief from dryness. 1 tube
Thermal Eye Mask Reusable, self-heating, promotes natural hydration. 1 piece
Omega-3 Supplements Enhances natural lubrication, promotes tear production. 30 capsules