Vogue VO2606S W65613

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Product Code VO2606S
Colour W65613
Lens Size 55
Bridge Size 15

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Vogue Eyewear

Vogue VO2606S W65613

The Vogue VO2606S W65613 sunglasses are your passport to effortless style this summer. Reflecting Vogue’s commitment to innovative design and high-quality materials, these are the sunglasses that do more than just protect your eyes from the sun’s rays.

Crafted from top-tier materials, the frames offer unbeatable durability and resilience. The deep, eye-catching hue of the frames is boosted by an unyielding gloss finish, guaranteeing that their brilliance persists. Nestled within these sturdy frames, we find equally impressive lenses. Both functional and fashionable, these glasses offer precise, clear vision despite intense sunlight and harsh glare. The lenses also offer protection against UVA and UVB rays, ensuring your eye health is never compromised. They also embody a stunning color that elevates your whole look.

However, what makes the Vogue VO2606S W65613 truly irresistible is its timeless design. Inspired by classic styles yet reimagined for the fashion-forward individual, the design strikes the perfect balance between vintage charm and modern chic. The streamlined frame design and sleek contours portray a sophisticated aesthetic.

Whether you are beach-bound or city-slicking, the Vogue VO2606S W65613 sunglasses are a game-changer in summer accessories. With Vogue eyewear, you’re not just buying a pair of sunglasses but a staple piece of fashion that will see you through many summers ahead.

Brand: Vogue
Model: VO2606S W65613
Frame Material: High Quality Glossed Material
Lens Material: UV Protective Material
Color: Deep Hue with Glossy Finish
Lens Protection: 100% UVA and UVB Protection
Style: Classic Inspired, Modern Aesthetic Design