Zips Clip On ZP4074

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Description Mens Optical with Polarised Magnetic Clip
Product Code ZP4074
Colour C1 Black
Lens Size 54
Bridge Size 15

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Revitalised Zips Clip On ZP4074

Introducing the reimagined Zips Clip On ZP4074. The epitome of ingenuity married with style, these clip-ons can transform your eyeglasses into sleek and fashionable sunglasses in a flash. Created from superior-grade materials for maximum durability, these must-have accessories are an essential addition to your eyewear collection. Experience the dual functionality of everyday glasses combined with opulent sunglasses for those sunny days, all in one single package.

Fall in love with the charm of the minimalist silver or black design that oozes sophistication. Our designers have meticulously planned every inch of the clip-ons to give you a product that not only performs spectacularly but also looks premium. With Zips Clip On ZP4074, we offer an elegant solution to protect your eyes from glare and harmful UV rays while adorning a super-chic fashion statement this summer.

The blend of aesthetics, comfort, and unparalleled functionality is what sets the Zips Clip On ZP4074 apart. Effortlessly clip them on and off, and carry them around with ease. The lightweight metal frames are robust, making them resilient against regular use. Furthermore, they complement any eyeglasses frame, enhancing their appeal and providing a transformative experience. Fashion-forward individuals who desire style and practicality, your search ends with Zips Clip On ZP4074.

Specifications of the Zips Clip On ZP4074 are as follows:

Feature Description
Material High-quality metal
Color options Silver, Black
Clip-on Mechanism Easy to use mechanic clip-on system
Fit Universal, fit for most eyeglasses frames
UV Protection Protection against harmful UVA and UVB Rays
Weight Lightweight for extended comfort

Step up your eyewear game and embrace the sophistication of contemporary fashion with Zips Clip On ZP4074. Turn heads with our top trending eyewear accessory and make your summer unforgettable.


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